Monday, December 08, 2008

Disappearing Act

tutorial, rivet, pendant, cold connection, metalsmithing
It seems my 'home page' or 'index' page has done a disappearing act. And in trying to entice it to come back I have messed up several of my other pages on my website.

ARGGGGGGGGGGH! I have no business trying to create my own website. By myself. Maintaining it I can probably do...but I am no longer really confident that I should be creating it.
I love my webshost - bluehost - they are FABULOUS. But the tools for creating webpages etc aren't as user friendly to me as bravehost was. Maybe its just me. So I am trying to figure out how to get my index page says its there but when I publish I get a blank page. grrr.

Like I need this headache right now.

And just when I have put up my second tutorial which is for a pendant using a telescoping rivet - at least THAT page is working...but thats only if people can find it!tutorial, metalsmithing, cold connection, cold connected, rivet

So I REALLY need to get the website fixed.

On to rivets -- The really cool thing with telescoping rivets is how much you can do with them if you have a good imagination.

rivet, cold connected, mixed metal, metalsmithing, tutorialThis is my little 'pagoda' pendant which is in itself very versatile. It can be worn with something straight through or just at one corner so it hangs at an angle.

A cheat sheet on how to create this pagoda will be sent out (at a later date) free to anyone who purchases the above tutorial. Once you know the basics its not that different to build and add more - but there are a few tips on riveting order and whatnot to have successful reproducible and even results, so I am in the process of mocking up a quick sheet on how to do this one.

 cold connected ring, ring tutorial, rivet, cold connection tutorial, cold connection, cold connected

And then there is this ring - which is ALL cold connected.

Fun huh?

It needs a little work to be a stable piece and if I want to offer it as a tutorial I need to iron out any small glitches. Maybe after the first of the year on this one.

I have also been re-taking photos of some of my pieces as well as taking measurements of them which I need when I go to list them either on my website or in my etsy shop. There is so much more to the selling side than one might think! Or at least than what I thought....ya know, take a few photos, calculate the price - good to go, right? Wrong.

I need to write the desciprtions, complete with measurements and materials etc. I am really hoping to get them done by the end of the week and have a handful of things ready for sale (Finally. It sure has been a long time coming).

Finding the time for all of this is the hard part. With Christmas just around the corner we're starting baking and shopping and wrapping and ohhhh, decorating! We put up decorations this weekend, got the tree up with lights and orbs (as my son calls the balls!!). YAY! So pretty. :)

I guess I should run - need to keep cracking if I want to stay even remotely on schedule. ;-)


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  1. YAY! You finally put something in your Etsy store! I have been swamped with orders this week and I really should be working right now, but I have to have coffee, first.