Tuesday, December 09, 2008

OK, its almost back

I FINALLY got part of my website back together. What a headache. I have done away with the 'entrance' page that was just a photo and said, of all things, 'ENTER'. Really original, right? Now its just a straight shot onto what used to be the 'second' page. And that page is almost empty. But at least its not blank anymore!!! See?

http://www.doxallo.com That should get you there.

HOWEVER, a bunch of the links of different pages are still messed up - they go no where or to error pages.....I hope to finish 'syncing' all the links tonight and creating the new 'jewelry' page which will have categories of items for sale. WHEW. A lot of work. In a way its enjoyable, I guess it speaks to my 'creative side' but on the other hand oy. its not enjoyable cuz its well, like work....html, coding, ftp -- ugh. THAT is no fun to me.

I spent a few minutes browsing around other jewelry/metalsmith sites this morning - looking just at colors mostly - forget layout, I don't even want to think about THAT right now. But it had occured to me that my colors might be a bit bold. A lot of websites are white or have a lot of white and they look so professional...but sometimes they also look a bit 'storelike', cold, commercial (not in a good way) [this is just my impression], so what do you think? Are my colors too bold? Should I go more neutral? Is there research that suggests one thing or another. You know, like 'they' say this or that works best..? Please give me your thoughts.

While I was wandering around the internet and blogland I came across this:
http://truthifudare.blogspot.com/ not sure what to think. It could be interesting. Or it could be a huge waste of space. What do you think? While we're on the topic - or semi-topic - what do you think of the whole "Post Secrets" phenomenon? Have you read the site or the book? Have you sent anything in...? I don't get the intrigue. My 20 year old has the book......just one more thing I don't 'get'.

I think that may mean I'm getting old....or I'm already old.

OH, and on another note - we have dates for the 2009 retreat!!

October 11-18 2009 -- same place, on the lake, Lake Gaston, NC. YAY!

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