Thursday, January 01, 2009

To 2009.....and beyond!

Said in my best 'buzz Lightyear' impersonation. ;-)

Already the new year has not been what I expected but maybe that's a good thing.

I didn't spend my evening last night as I had thought I might.

No quiet room, no dimmed penning my thoughts in my lovely little red journal.

My son and I watched a movie, played a game, he banged a pot outside and then went to bed - all by 9pm! That left me to do my thing. As per usual. But I just didn't feel contemplative.

So I went to the workbench even though I wasn't feeling particularly inspired either. I was a bit restless last night. And a bit keyed up - too much caffeine.

I spent a fair amount of time making a simple bangle. In the same style as the 'lines' pieces I've been working on but with a bunch more lines and those took a rather long time. I need to finish up the bangle today, a turn in the tumbler, then a patina, then a photo shoot, and then I'll share.

What really surprised me last night was how late I stayed up! It was 2am and I was wide awake (caffeine....mmmmmmm) but I forced myself to go to bed. I can't remember the last time I was awake at that hour! The past few New Years I've been asleep by midnight AT THE LATEST! So maybe, even though the night didn't go as I had thought, maybe this is a great beginning to the new year. It certainly feels 'fresh' and thats a good thing. After all, who likes stale?


  1. I stayed up until 3 am! I'm normally a night owl, but not that late. I had too much caffeine too. Me and Tyler rang in the New Year playing Playstation games. I'm such a party animal! LOL

  2. Nothing bad, making jewellery at the end of a year. I did the same. You are brilliant. Your blog, your forum, your site all make me admire you very much.

  3. Happy New Year! I have been staying up late all this week...can't sleep. I go back to work on Monday...nice vegging out too, though!

  4. Happy New Year Janice! I went to bed at 9pm with a cold and a sick child.

  5. Thanks all!!

    (and Hans, the admiration goes both ways!!)