Monday, February 23, 2009

And the winner is.........ME!

Yep, that's right. I won something! Me! Who never wins anything.....and, I have been silent wayyyyyyyyy, wayyyyyyyyyyy, wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too long.

Sorry Candace!

So, let me back up. The beginning is usually the best place to begin.

Candace, of C. Gail Designs, lovely lady that she is, held a contest - a drawing, a giveaway. 'YAY!' Right?


So I entered!

I love Candace's jewelry and I jumped at the chance to own a piece!

And lo and behold there appeared, oops sorry wrong story - sorry -

and lo and behold, my name was picked!


I eagerly awaited the package - I dashed in the house each night asking, "Anything for meeeeee today?" And then one day - there was!

I entered the house and my eyes fell immediately to the kitchen counter. Right there, on top of the junkmail, there sat a lovely orangeish envelope and I knew what was inside so before I even took my coat off............... I tore it open!

Now, mind you, Candace didn't just slap that prize into a little ziplock bag and toss it in the envelope. Nooooooooo. Candace packaged the prize so pleasantly in a little box with a raffia(?) type tie and a little charm and her business card. And it was all so color coordinated,

And the pendant wasn't just waiting for me to hang it on something. Nooooooooooo. Candace had put it on a leather cord which was created with an adjustable knot so I could enlarge it (how'd she know I'd need that to get it over my fat head?) and then once on I could slide the ends and wear it as a choker or leave it longer if I preferred. PERFECT!!!

There is only one 'not so perfect' part about this piece. (I have to be honest you know) The downside is that I may not actually get to wear it very often. Why? Well, its because my mother is trying to STEAL it. Seriously. She fell in love with it. I caught her trying to put it on over the weekend but I convinced her it would get 'lost' on her striped shirt. She reluctantly and SLOWLY put it back down and we stood there, eyes darting from the necklace to each other, back to the necklace, *queue weird duel music* dooodoooodooodoooodooooooaranaranarrrrrrr staring at each other until my Dad came in and whisked her out the door. (I have since hidden the necklace from her) ;-)

I did snap a few photos of me wearing it - but they came out so fuzzy it didn't do her piece (or me!) any favors so I've been waiting to get a better picture. I took a few more pictures over the weekend but didn't have time to upload them so you still have to wait to see my modeling debut! (those who know me must be SHOCKED that I'm going to post a photo of myself...or at least part of myself. ;0) Stay tuned, the photos are coming, the photos are coming!


  1. Wicked! Photos, photos, photos.......!!!!

  2. By the middle of this post I was almost screaming, "Photos???? Photos????". And then you revealed that pictures will be posted soon. LOL!!!

    Hey I too am a person who never wins anything! hahahaha!! So I guess there is hope for me too someday? :-))))


  3. please. I too won a giveaway the other day and I never win anything either.