Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The pictures! Or..........

Laughter is good medicine.

HERE is Candace's lovely necklace - click on this!!!!

Here is me wearing it (here 'is me wearing it'? what the heck!? here I am wearing it) - in an odd array of photos where I am making weirdo faces....

first trying to get the timer right...OOPS, it went off.

Next - should I smile? Maybe..........maybe not, oh heck, *FLASH*

ok, how about something kinda sorta halfway?

One more try - third time is SUPPOSED to be a charm, right???

OK, I give up.

Laugh all you want!! I know for a fact - laughter IS the best medicine!

I swear I should have just intentionally made wacky faces, it would have been so much better


  1. wow, the necklace is gorgeous! i did not even know about the give away. seves me right, I don't visit many blogs at all! I like the last pic the best :)

  2. Ohhhhh yay, for photos...I love it! You crack me up...the second photo looks like many of my own. :) By the way, the necklace looks lovely on you. :)I'm so happy you like it.

  3. LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!! Janice, you are HILARIOUS!! And lovely! The pendant is gorgeous too...but I already sneaked my way into Candance's blog and found its picture. I'm of the impatient variety. Had an obsessive compulsive need to find it immediately and see it. ;-)

  4. Lisa, I get around a bit, but have tightened my circle - I was fearful I'd need internet anonymous or something...bloggers anonymous...its addictive and SO time consuming.

    Thanks Candace!!!! I love it!

    Swati - I posted links to pendant the first post I made about it!!!! No need to be so stealth, I try to make it easy!! :) Although a blog-to-blog hunt sounds like fun. Hmmmmm...and with Easter coming up...hmmm. You've got me thinking. :)

  5. LOL!!! In my frenzy to see eye-candy I didn't even notice that the link was right there, staring at my face! I found a link to Candace's blog and then clicked my way to the pendant. But I must say doing detective work was more fun than actually being intelligent and observant enough to see a link placed right in front of my eyes! :-P

  6. I just love those photos of you Janice! You look quite different to the little thumbnail pic on your Forum. The first photo is my fave - you look so non-plussed at having won!!!!!
    Great pendant by the way.