Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tutorial Tuesday!

Today's tutorial is on a technique that I have yet to master or even learn sufficiently to have anything to show for it at all even though I love the look. Perhaps I can set aside some time to practice this sometime soon.

What could it possibly be? (seeing as I am the master of trying it all but conquering little, what's left? lol)

The tutorials today are for Metal Inlay.

Jim Kelso is a master of metalwork (browse his site if you are not familiar with him). He has a WONDERFUL tutorial that I hope you enjoy:

and then I just came across this tutorial for inlaying a knife blade which differs a bit - and I always like having alternate ways of doing things, seeing it from different people's views.


I will have some pictures later today - of WIPs and my son - we had a busy weekend with soccer, baseball, and a shape a race derby race night Sunday night.....be back early afternoon with pictures.



  1. Hi Janice!

    Thanks for those tutorials....very cool! Think I'll stick to what I know for now...they look like more than I'm ready for. Although it's funny, last week I was looking at a wooden box I have that has brass inlays and thinking how cool it be to do that. Again, I should just keep practicing what I already know.

  2. Oh I just saw that knife one somewhere just now.... and that owl is fantastic. I want to try this as it looks like no complicated tools are necessary? Maybe something a little simpler to start with though......!!!!
    Thanks for that Janice - I've got those tutorials saved!

  3. These tutorials are seriously cool. To see the step by step techniques and read the accompanying explanation is fascinating!
    Thanks for finding these and sharing~