Sunday, June 21, 2009

Busy busy weekend!

We are surviving - but boy am I tired! It all began Friday evening - with a Swim Team Party at the pool. The part was 6-8pm, but we only stayed for 45 minutes. We came, we met, we ate, we left. It had to be. Because we had another party - a birthday party - at 7pm at Splash Down. Splash Down is an indoor water fun facility- thats the best description I can think of. They have two HUGE water slides, the top of the slides actually extend way up out of th etop of the building, but are enclosed (for year round fun of course), there is a rope swing and then there is a separate swimming pool. Fun, fun, fun. We stayed until 9pm even though I had originally said we'd leave by 8 or 8:30. I figured we could handly one long weekend.

Saturday morning we were up at 6am and at the pool by 7:15 for our first swim meet. It rained, and thundered and we even ahd some lightening...we delayed, and we swam, and we delayed some more.

I finally left at noon so I could get home and decorate the cake and get ready for little guy's birthday party sleepover.

The boys all arrived around 6pm, they had fun with their waterguns (which were also their party favors - I bought really nice HUGE ones).
Little guy opted for a water gun theme cake so this is what I came up with....

They also had water balloons and THOSE would have been fun to theme out the cake, but I never thought of it.

The boys blew threw the water balloons I had waiting (before I even had a chance to set them up!). Then it was pizza and then they began getting a little stir crazy and since it was a little early to start the movie - I put them all in the car and off we went for a round of bowling!

We only played one game, just enough to give them something to do and then it was back to the house for cake and presents and then they got in their sleeping bags and watched Bedtime Stories (cute movie).

Lights out at midnight (turned out to be a much later night than we had anticipated)I slept on the floor in the other room because my son wanted me to do so.

He had a weird episode about a half hour before the party where he came running into the house - from riding his bike - crying, saying he felt like his bones were breaking and holding his hand over his heart.......niiiiiiiiiice. Heart attack in children anyone???? Freaked us all out, including him, so I think he wanted me close for the night. He never had another episode, but we're keeping a very close eye on him today.

One of our friends didn't spend the night - he's just not ready for sleepovers - but the other 3 did quite well. Sleeping bags on the den floor....and somewhat 'bright eyed' this morning. Thats the birthday boy on the right.

I need to go get some rest.........



  1. Sounds like Sam had a happy birthday! That cake is really great.

  2. The cake looks great!! maybe he had a bit of an axiety attack.. with all the excitement.
    Hope your sunday is restfull.

  3. The cake is wonderful!! I especially love the water gun and the water shooting from it! Now you can go to work tomorrow to get some rest from your home life...have a great week!

  4. The cake is adorable!!!! You are a wonderful Mom, get some rest!

  5. Thanks all!! I had so much fun making the cake - sort of tapped into a different creative vein. :)

    Elenor - you are inspiring me with the cakes!!! I can't come close to you, but I'm sure having fun!