Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thank you Metals Girl!

Day after day has gone by and each day I think - I MUST post about the earrings!

But first a little story. I was wearing said earrings tonight when my son got out of the shower. There I was with a towel at the ready for his wet little self to fall into....and he stops, looks at me and says: "I really like those earrings Mom!"

I had the pleasure of telling him that I won them online. He thought that was pretty cool.

I think so too. :)

I received the earrings from MetalsGirl (AKA: Laura Gibson).

They came in a large manilla envelope with her super cool logo on the outside. I was so excited!

I ripped open the package and found the most perfect little sterling earrings! And they are colored with a bold purple.


We have a running joke in my family about me and the color these were BEYOND perfect.

THANKS LAURA! I love them and will wear them proudly and quite happily!

Please go check out Laura's website: She does great work and she's a pretty fabulous lady to boot. Don't take my word for it though -



  1. Janice, this is my first visit to your blog and it looks like a celebration is in order! Great earrings and thanks for turning me on to Metal Girls blog. Sounds like those earrings had your name on them!

  2. Hi Barbara! Glad you found me! Are you in MD?

    Laura is awesome - worth keeping up with her blog. :)


  3. What sweet earrings! When a little boy compliments jewelry, you know they are special.

  4. Hi Lisa! Aren't the cute!!! They are SO petite. I never wear anything that small but I love these and may have to rethink my big earrings! I was surprised when my son reacted to them the way he did - usually I have to ask him what he thinks about a piece of jewelry. These he just burst out with it!

    (oh and he thought your son's skateboarding was pretty cool too. )