Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nutty goodness

This was a busy weekend - lots of putting together and taking apart and rearranging and then undoing that....making candies and nut mylk....

First the candies. I had volunteered to make cookies for LG school, but with no oven I almost backed out, then remembered I had a microwave and sooooooo, I thought hmmm, chocolate....candies! I ended up making three different kinds of chocolates. A chocolate and peppermint 'bark', chinese clusters, and mini pretzel turtles. MMMMMMMM, so good. And SO easy! YAY!

I also made nut mylk. I began with about /4 c of almond.

Cover with water an let them soak for a few hours...

You can see they have taken up most of the water.

All of that goes in the blender, with more water added

And 'on' it goes!

Here is what it looks like....

Next, I take cheesecloth...

Put that in a container - I use a measuring cup - and pour in enough to fill the space

Let it drain

Or,if you are like me......I normally don't wait for it to strain on its own, I picK it up, twist it tight, and squeeze. :)

The first pass through will be very 'rich' looking. Here is what it looks like.

Repeat this process by putting the pulp back in the blender with more water.
When its all done I typically add a tiny bit of vanilla bean and sometimes a bit of agave or honey to pat of it.

This is the cheesecloth once I've squeezed the life out of it!

My yield: A quart and a bit more. :)

Oh, And don't throw away the pulp! It can be used in crackers or just as a thickener in sauces. :)

More kitchen coming tomorrow!

I did make a few pieces of jewelry this weekend but I need to set the stones. And I will oxidize those and a few from before and maybe get some pictures later this week. This week is gearing up to be as busy as this weekend - LG has a CS den meeting and a Pack meeting, basketball on Th night....among other things. We are travelling to Leesburg on Saturday to visit family....I am looking forward to all these things, but am also looking forward to January...somewhere about the 10th or so..