Monday, December 14, 2009

Simple and goes a long way

What goes a long way?

Well, its simple. But, well....yet, it seems so hard for some people.

Or maybe they just don't know any better..?

Like the song "Love, Save the Empty" which goes, in part:

"Little girls don’t know how to be sweet girls.....Mama didn’t teach me"

Anyway, I guess I believe in the simple things in life - being polite, saying thank you - things like that. Ya know?

So what goes a long way?

A simple thank you.

It takes moments to say but it REALLY goes a long way. It is a simple, sweet, and special form of reciprocity...because it costs NOTHING.

Sometimes I feel like saying - "what? were you raised by wolves?"

Even a dog will lick your hand when you've been kind.

Not that I want anyone to lick my hand.

Ummm, no. Most assuredly no.

Unless you are this cute

and have big brown eyes the size of Texas

Or maybe this handsome

but then again....maybe not.

Speaking of licking..........

Get your head out of the gutter.

I was experimenting this weekend. Unfortunately I also threw out a lot of food this weekend.

Yep. Sad, but true.

The first thing I made was this lovely sauce.

It is a beautiful deep red. Looks so yummy!

And it is. Sort of.

I need to figure out how to tame it down, its rather 'tangy'.

I began with sundried tomatoes. Blended those with some water.

Then in a bowl I chopped some baby bellas and used some of my almond powder (left over from the nut mylk)

I then added some onion and garlic and I'm not sure what else. I julienned some zuccini and onion and put it all on a very large lovely piece of romaine lettuce.

Rolled it up. Doesn't it look appetizing?

And, took a big bite!!!



Its ok.

But too tangy to eat much of it. I need to even it out a bit...but I'm new to raw and don't really know what to add. I put the rest in the fridge and if someone can help, great! If not, it may get dumped. Maybe I just need to grind some nuts and add...?

This morning's green smoothy was a taste treat and I snapped photos ala Stormy.

I began with some chopped fresh pineapple, a whole pear (chunked), the juice of an orange, half an avacado, and a big handful of spinach. Blended that and poured it into my BIG jug that I take to work.

Next... I added more water and some frozen fresh banana and frozen (store bought) strawberry, and some lemon rind....

There is always some death involved in eating. No matter how minimal.

Here are today's carcasses.

And here is my little angel. Who after posing in the above photos, was kind enough to give me this

Man I love that boy. And soon you will too - he's starting a blog! Will give him some link love real soon. Be sure to drop him a note when he starts writing!