Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Some things never change :)

Once again I've been MIA from the blogsphere. Some things never change. Which is nice in some ways - 'constants' are nice in life. I'm consistently MIA. ;-)

As per usual I've been reading though!

as often as I can...

the hundreds of blogs in my google reader. . .

although I did have to skip a lot of them around the holidays.

Days when I logged in and there were 175 new posts. I hit a few and had to let the rest go unread.

I had a lovely, quiet, UNEVENTFUL Christmas which is really a blessing considering how the past few have gone. My daughter was home for the holidays which ended up being a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately my Mom went into the hospital on New Years day - but is home as of this afternoon. YAY!

Its all just been a whirlwind. We had a 20 inch or so snowfall somewhere in there, and then another light snow sometime after....we just have little leftover mounds here and there now. But it is still bitter cold. Not sure what they highs have been but its been in the 20s mornings and evenings with strong winds some days putting the wind chill into single digits. YIKES!

<-Sam in the snow - mid snow storm - you can see our shovelled driveway quickly being obliterated again!

I got a bit off track with my eating over the holidays. Don't we all seem to do that??

It actually started veering off track with the kitchen renovations but then began to deteriorate more when we began baking cookies two days prior to Christmas.

I'm getting back on track now, but its slow going. When I went raw it was overnight at 95-98%. The only non-raw items were soy sauce and some oils. . . maybe some spices too. Right now I'm somewhere around 80% MAYBE.

Its climbing though because I am back to making some of the things I really enjoy. AND, to top it off, I have begun a new blog where I can ramble on and on about the raw life. . . address is rawfoodsblog and the temp title is "I'm Raw" - not very inventive but I didn't want to infringe upon anyone in the raw world and all my first thoughts are someone elses website names already, sooooooooooo

I ended up temporarily with "I'm raw" because its become a joke in my house. I say it all the time. I say: "Guess WHAT!!?" and they finally know the answer that I 'shout' back --


It started because I have so much energy and I'm so 'on' all the time now...I guess it gets on people's nerves (not really, but in a fun way - ya know?) so I'm always like - "Ya know why???? I'm RAWWWWWWWWW!!!" and on and on it goes.

Snack the other night was raw chocolate pudding (made with cocoa and homemade nut mylk and other ingredients - details coming on RAW blog)Its topped with raw whipped kream (made from a base of raw cashews.....mmm, so light and airy - you wouldn't believe it unless you tasted it - I'll post that one too soon)

There is some some chia pudding (very similar to tapioca pudding) and the base is a mix of raw walnuts, pecans and medjool dates.

I sprinkled a little bit of cinammon over the top.


For lunch yesterday I had this delectable dish.

Yummy zuccini and squash with homemade dressing on top. (recipe coming on RAW blog)

Don't you dig the pink party plate? Compliments of our community drawer here at work. :)

More of the above is what will be posted on the new blog - as well as some of they whys I went this way and my honest experience in doing so. All in 'real time' - almost like '24'.
But without the ticking clock
or the bloodshed
but with all the excitement!
or maybe not.........
Guess you'll just have to 'follow me' and find out!! ;-)

In scrolling through my reader the past few weeks I was reminded how much some things never change with all the titles about resolutions and goals and 'word of the year' things. It just all made me smile.

There is comfort in the familiar.

In tradition.

There is a sharedness to our lives.

A common experience. The old "nothing new under the sun" or "nothing has befallen us except that which is common to man" (one of my favorite scriptures).

There is so much common to mankind. Reading through blogs recently has reminded me of that.

:) Even though I don't really know a lot of the people I read on a regular basis, I feel that I do.

Random Lisa picture. :)

Because she's just too cute.

Happy January all!