Saturday, January 23, 2010

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When I posted yesterday, I mentioned photos. I also noted in the comments that I often have struggled reading blogposts that don't have photos, so I am really thankful for those who actually read through my little rant yesterday!

I stumbled upon a fun new texture so I've been working on a series incorporating that.

I have two pieces almost finished.....

I love the agate in this one, reminds me of misty mountains....and I pierced a mountain motif on the back to match!!

I also have a few pieces (OK, LOTS of pieces, that have never been finished - no chains, no final polish...whatever) so I am working on bringing those to completion

This one is palmwood and onyx

and this is blush topaz set in sterling. Its so pretty! This photo just does NOT do it justice...

The kiddos have kept me hopping too - as usual! LG had a dance party for school - the tall one (AKA: Sissy - my eldest) accompanied us - we all had a good time!

Conga anyone??

HOT from all that dancing and running around!


And then we've had basketball practice on Thursday nights and a game each Saturday!

And despite being the LG that LG is....he has scored a basket in both games we've had so far!

Which reminds me - we have a game in less than an hour - need to run!!