Friday, January 22, 2010

Performance Anxiety & Therapy

It stares me down - that little blank box up there.

It prevents me from starting.

That stupid blankity-blankin'-blank box.

Its just a little empty box you can it be so intimidating?


but it is.

It mocks me with its........emptyness.

Daring me to commit.

Daring me to be witty.

Daring me to be concise or relevant.

Daring me to lure you in......I've read that an intriguing blogpost title can make or break a blog.

That is where the anxiety all began I think. With that article I read.....

Ever since then, I've had it - blogpost title block!

Add that to my blog title envy, which I've probably always had and you can now see my dilemma.

I try to surround myself with lovely wonderful people. . . but there is a downside to that you know.

You're lovely.

And wonderful.

And witty

And smart

And so damn clever. . .

And your blogs mock me. . . . . with their blogpost titles.

They're succinct and sexy, funny and fresh, intriguing and inspiring......

And they compel me to click.........

And then I return here. To my beloved blog.

And I am bursting to share, to communicate, to engage.....and I click 'new post'

and then

there it is

That box. Its the first thing I see. And I panic......what is my blogpost going to cover? I have too many things running around in my head - and its a crazy place up there - so many different thoughts, half of them unrelated. . .

How does ONE LITTLE BOX cover it all?

One line.

A few words.

And finally, its hit me.

Skip it.
Just write - - - - don't over think it. Come back to it later. No big deal. Just have fun. Loosen up....

No need for all this anxiety....

From now on no blog post title until I actually WRITE the blog post.

Then maybe I'll get a handle on this....

I'm feeling better already....even though I actually had things to say, pictures to post, words to wow you with...but I think I'm done.

And thats ok - I'm in a happy place.

This has been quite therapeutic.

And now I'm looking forward to coming back later and sharing those thoughts and pictures, because that little box has lost its power over me.

One small step for this blogger, one giant leap for...well, this blogger. :)

Later and HAPPY FRIDAY! :)