Sunday, February 14, 2010

Having my eyes opened

I have had my eyes opened to many things over the course of my life. This is yet another - something Ive been blind to - I just never saw. Not like this.

I've never really been a tree hugger or an animal rights person -- not that I've been against those things....I think many of us just live in a state of ignorance - ignorant bliss.

Some things we just have never thought much about. The harvesting of pelts for fur is one of them that I've never given much thought to before. I guess any brief thoughts I may have had were related to more distant times when, by necessity, clothing, blankets, and other items were made from animal pelts. I know that as we 'progressed' there was over hunting - there was no respect for the animals, lands, or cultures...........but I suspect things are so much worse now because its 'business' -- BIG business.

So I had my eyes opened tonight, by my friend over at Torching My Dreams who posted a link to the following documentary which you can watch in full online. Below is the trailer.

A fair warning - there are graphic and sad images in the documentary, but PLEASE don't let that stop you. Dont shy away from truly having your eyes opened.

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