Monday, February 15, 2010

Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood

This is, roughly, what I see on my way to work each day. :)

Although I forgot to get photos in the driveway and on my street - the first photo is out of my neighborhood, a mile or two into my morning commute.

I was a bit surprised by how much 'sameness' there was. I shouldn't have been though as I do commute so I take the highways and the tunnel....and those tend to skirt communities and I actually also skirt the city, although you can see a few snapshots from the perimeter.

To the left the photos are in order all the way into my parking lot at work and even into the building where you'll see a lovely smiling face of one of our clerical gals. I am greeted by the smiling face each day - sweet huh?
I think if you click the collage it will open up larger......that is, if you're all that interested!!! lol

I have been somewhat snowed in the past week and a half...its been interesting.

We've shoveled. We've played. I've made a lot of food.

I have shoveled. I've read. I've slept.

I've shoveled.

I haven't blogged much and I haven't had much bench time - although I've sneaked in a little.

I had some pieces in progress, and though they are still in progress......they are almost done. :)

To the left is a piece for me - its a brooch - ocean jasper. Its kind of fun and funky. I"ve been working with a new texturing option for wire and I'm loving it! The piece above and to the left both used it, and these pieces did too.

This ring may just remain in my possession forever. I lurv it.

Charoite and sterling.

Its going to have an LOS'd matte finish.

Its almost done.

There are a few more, but no pics. Hard to get much done in between snow, food, oh and the OLYMPICS.

Yes, I'm a sucker for a world wide sporting event. The cutlure, the costumes, the DRAMA. Its all in there.

Are you watching?  What has been your favorite moment so far?