Monday, February 22, 2010

Is there anything better?

Life is busy.

Sometimes it gets busier than ever and then you get dumped on

by three feet of snow.



You had PLANS????






Then comes the re-scheduling of said plans - which can create

even more 'busy-ness'

But push forward me must. :)

So we finally got to drive down to Leesburg VA to visit family

and exchange

Christmas/Hannukah presents.

These are the 'second cousins' - my two and Little Wyatt

My LG and his Great Uncle.

The 'first' cousins - Don, Me, Ken (my brother)

And all the cousins together. :)

And I'm NOT the shortest! I had on 2.5" heels but even without them

 I'd have had my LG beat and

that little baby - God bless that baby

he won't be taller than me for quite some time.

We had an amazing meal.

Brisket, kuegel, tzimmes, mashed potatoes, green beans...


and cake and brownies

and yes, I ate it all.

Not that I ate ALL of it.

I shared.

I'm good that way.


Good food

good conversation

and a relatively happy baby...

it doesn't get much better than that. :)