Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some people are just too much.......

and sometimes,

just somtimes,

it is in a good way.

Prime example...... 


An EXTREMELY talented jeweler.

A really generous person.

And one wickedly funny man.

(total package 'eh?)

Take this excerpt from a recent blogpost

Once upon a time in land far, far away there lived an itsty beeni teeni weeni little diamond, called ‘Fraidy cat.

She was a tiny little diamond, and even though she had 57 facets, she was only 1.2 mm across.

So she was afraid of everything

At night she used to shiver in fear when the safe closed and all the other big big stones would fight and swear at each other.

“Hey diamond, you just full of black inclusions, and your mother was a piece of coal.”

“Oh yeah?” “Well you can kiss my fissure, you stupid tourmaline crack head”

Full post here. Go. Read. Look. Laugh. Be Inspired.

Sadly, Hans is a rarity in today's culture.

It just seems to me there aren't that many people who truly

LIVE a life of joy.

unfettered fun



Hans seems to have all of that.

I wish that for ALL of you

as well

Assignment for today:

With reckless abandon find SOMEthing

that will 

REALLY make you laugh


share it

with someone else

Maybe that is what Hans does so well

he doesn't keep it for himself

he gives it away.
Dream. Live. Laugh. Love.
Share it with someone else.
Lather, Rinse, Repeat.