Thursday, March 18, 2010

What a day!

My early morning started off much the same as it always does.

I was greeted by this LG:

as I am each morning because he sleeps in the bed above me!

I probably never mentioned it, but several months back he asked if he could sleep with me one night. We do that occassionally.....but then we decided he'd sleep in the top bunk. (I inherited a bed like this. - futon/bunk combo - full at the bottom and single at the top)

Then he never left. 

He's been sleeping there for months. 

A couple of nights he has had a sleepover at a friend's house and I've actually missed him being there! His tossing and turning and sniffing and yawning and breathing......little sweet sounds of love that just envelope me and make my heart oh so happy. day started with his sweetness and went on fairly routine from there until I got to work.

that is when I got my foot hooked in the rubber doormat outside the main entrance
of the building where I work.

It was not pretty.

There was a gentleman coming out -- and here I was falling in.

It was not pretty. (did I say that?)

I stumbled....

I bobbled....

the automatic door opened for me

and I literally FELL right on through

and down right hard.

 The poor guy coming out did his best to help me

or get out of the way (I'm not entirely sure)

but in any event, I went down

all the way down.

Thankfully I am unscathed.

Just a little discomfort in my right wrist but nothing to complain about. :)

A few years back it seems like I was falling frequently.

Step off the curb, and down I'd go.

Trip over a rock and BAM! I'd be on the pavement.

Always takes me by surprise. One minute I'm upright...

and the next

I'm not.

Anyway, it was an 'interesting' start to a busy day.

I did take a lunch break and used a few minutes to work on my website.

I redid the 'about' (me) page.

Since I know many of you reading are fellow jewelers/metalsmiths, maybe you could take a look and see what you think?

Offer comments, suggestions, laughter?

Go here to view it.

The rest of the site is a bad mix of old and new - so no need to tell me about all the oddness there - I'm not quite done tweaking yet to get everything in all streamlined with proper linkage and navigation -
but it IS getting there!

If any of you have any suggestions about design of a website in general - that would be great too!