Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Whats a gingasquid?

Well first, its not a WHAT, but a WHO!

Find out more at the Network site - SPOTLIGHT ARTIST.

In other news, I FINALLY took the last photo that I needed for the tension setting tute that I'm writing up. I had to actually make another ring to get the shots I wanted. I did that last night as well as finished a resizing on a set of custom rings that I did a while back. So the rings will go out tomorrow. The tutorial on the other hand still needs text and formatting. And its not likely to get done until late next week because this weekend I'm taking a worksho with John Cogswell. :)  However, all of the family will be out Saturday night - sooooooo, when I get home on Saturday I may indeed have time to go ahead and finish up the text. We shall see.

Happy GREEN day all !