Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Are you waiting?

Waiting for 'the right moment'?

Waiting for things to happen? Til you have more time, more money, more 'something'.....

Waiting to make a run for your dreams?

Sometimes things are always going to be out of our reach depending on how we view them. Its like waiting to have children until this or that or the other occurs. If most people really waited until they had it altogether, had enough money, or time, or until they felt ready, they'd never have children. And where would that leave the world? (ok, don't answer that - its actually a loaded question)

I was skimming a blog post by Steve Errey which was talking about success and this really hit me:
But what about now? What’s stopping you from feeling like a success right now, this very moment? Waiting for success in the future takes you out of the game in the present.

I have to be honest. I rarely feel like a success.

I mean, I feel successful if I don't poke my eye out putting on my make-up in the morning, or if I manage to make something for dinner that at least half the family likes, or when I fabricate an entire piece of jewelry without a single melt down (me or the metal, take your pick).

but in a larger sense......in an overall sense. Do I often feel like a success or that I am successful?

Not really.

Steve mentions our definitions of success. How they can differ from one another.

That makes sense to me.

I for one probably have not always had a great grasp on what success means to me personally.

I do now though.

I know what success means to me - what it is and what it isn't.

What's important and what's not.

My definition of success may not match yours.

That's ok by me. We're different after all.

The other thing that Steve refers to is an article someone else wrote where they said something about failure being part of success. WOW! What a great reminder for me! I believe that many of us don't achieve because we are afraid to try.

FEAR paralyzes. If we can move past fear and try anyway, that is a little success right there.

In many ways, I know I am successful right now.

Do I want more successes? Yes!

Do I want success in different areas of my life? Yes!

That blogpost came at such a great time for me. It reminded me of a few things, gave me some different perspectives to think about, and inspired me to spend some time thinking about my life - where and how I've been successful (acknowledging and embracing it!) and what I want for the future.

How about you? Do you know where you are successful RIGHT NOW and where you are going?