Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm caught in a trap!

I can't back out out

cuz I'll trip over too much jewelry baby!

Trip over it because its spread all over the living room at the moment.

In the past I have not devoted much time at all to market, sell, photograph, etc

and now I can hardly see my way out - I'm caught in a trap!

It is time to dig myself out.

Thus commences the photographing

and measuring

and descripting (yea, not a word - I like to make up words)

and uploading. (and cropping and cussing and crying)

Last night it was photographs. And I barely scratched the surface.

I should have snapped a photo of the living room floor - - -

where I was until a little after midnight.


Unfortunately, since I am using a new photo setup, it is taking me a while to find the best positioning of everything -

lights, jewelry, camera......surface.

The whole nine yards.

I think I got some decent shots last night, I just wish I had a big enough space to put the box up off the floor so I wasn't alternating between kneeling, sitting, and being prostrate in front of the box!

I was REALLY sore when I lifted my tookus off the floor after a couple of hours of that nonsense.

Hopefully I will have some of these items available online in the next day or two.


Its nice that most of my work was all cleaned up for the show I just did - made taking pictures that much easier.

Speaking of which, back to the evolution of my show booth. . .. I did remember to take a few booth shots.

Day 1 of WV show - too hot for all the sidewalls.

Day 2 - switched things up a bit on the tables. Liked this better.

If you had asked me two weeks ago, I would have been very happy with this booth set up.

After seeing some of the booths I saw at the two shows I've done the past two weeks......

Ummm, not so much so happy anymore.

So this is something I will begin working on late summer.

An overhaul of my new booth, to be an even newer-er booth. :)

Stay tuned for more jewelry listings (have a date with the living room floor again tonight)
and for the booth redesign!