Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beyond the bead

I have a minor addiction. 

To beads. 

Beads in general, but especially lampwork beads. 

I have quite the collection. 

And I used to buy quite a lot of lampwork until I entered a 12 step program and got it under control (more or less)

Wait - You didn't know there was a 12 step program for Bead-a-holics?


OK, so maybe I made that part up. 

but I really did used to buy a LOT of lampwork. 

I haven't bought any in quite a while. 

Until recently. 

But I have good reason! 

You see, these are no basic beads.  

These are little works of art.

Even her 'beady-beads' are works of art.

But these? These are amazing.

They are little sculptures.

And they are FUN.

They make me smile - they bring me joy. 



They are characters. 
I first fell off the wagon with these two little guys

They were made by the very talented and super sweet Sally Sutherland

And then, much to my delight - two new little guys arrived in the mail Saturday.

they are.......................


they don't have names yet. 

Because they are STEALTHY. 

(or maybe because they have no mouths...)

He' burr ooo alkin fome?
(translation: hey - are you talking to me?)

Chubbo feels like he's being watched.....

(and I use the name 'chubbo' in the nicest of ways)

Funny, I think I'm the one being watched! 

His eye seem to follow me wherever I go.....
Stop with those crazy mind tricks my little ninja! 

whew, ok.

These are wickedly creative - they are fun, sort of silly, maybe even a little stealthy....

and utterly delightful. 
they put a smile on my face - and the face of my beloved

and I'm not 100% sure who they really belong to just yet. 

I think they're mine.....but they may be his.

Sally has other great work in her Etsy shop - delightful doll  beads

 and lovely little elephants

I think her work is delightful and fun and it makes me smile. 
And I think we could all use an extra something to make us smile these days. 

Sometimes we take ourselves and the world, and our work, too seriously. 

Sally is a serious lampworker, but she also encourages fun and smiles and joy. 

I like that. 

Don't you?