Tuesday, May 17, 2011


 photo credit: juicylucymamma
I am not one of those people who is afraid of change.

It doesn't make me uncomfortable, doesn't give me sweaty palms like public speaking might, doesn't scare me at all. 

In fact, I rather like change.

Often change is a sign of growth

Sometimes its just fun, or practical.

Ya know, I change the sheets on my bed..........

I change the pickle in my pot..........

Sometimes I take the beltway to work instead of the tunnel.....

Some days I wear my hair straight and sometimes I leave it a mass of curls.

Yea, that kind of change - I'm all over that. I got it down.

Then the other day I read a comment about people liking to READ about change more than atually making change.


You talkin' to me?

This single Mom, working Full time, running a part time business, in the process of moving, helping my parents ready their house to move.......well, she just doesn't have time to think.

Reading is easy.

Change is hard.

For now, I'm quite happy to just read. (seriously, I am)

Change is coming though - just around the corner. 

And I'm excited.