Monday, July 02, 2012

Goodbye June

WOW. I think I mentioned, well, I know I mentioned, too many times probably - that June was going to be a bear and I couldn't wait for July only because it meant things would slow down a bit.

I was right.


June was a bear. YEEEouch. Not that it was 'bad'. It was just busy. Looking back now I can hardly remember that so much was going on all at the same time.

I had two shows in June - one a three day show, one day of which I was traveling out of state. (How'd THAT happen??) I had to have my daughter sit my booth that day and close down for me.

My son graduated elementary school and had all the hustle and bustle of end of year activities. Add graduating 5th grade to that.

We had little league playoffs.

Father's day.

I was out of town for a week.

I came back to work Monday to learn a co-worker passed away while I was gone. He was 39. :(

I drove up to DE that same week to have dinner with a friend  and then, get this, had a small house fire the next day. (that makes 3 times we've called 911 since we moved into this house less than a year ago).  We are really lucky it was contained and burned itself our prior to the fire department even getting there.

And then that same night we lost electricity due to a wicked storm, and the power is STILL out.

That was like 3 days ago. 



July was supposed to be......I don't know.....something. . . . .  and it will be, I'm sure of it. 

July IS going to be fabulous.

As soon as the power is restored. 

But right now, it's hot. And the thought of replacing another two freezers full of food does not thrill me. We did this 11 months ago when we lost power for 7 days (or was it 8? I can't recall) but at least then it wasn't pushing triple digits. I now know why most of my neighbors have generators.  Guess that needs to go on my list. . . .

Think I might comandeer the baby's blow up pool when I get home.

Hey, he's out of town! Shame for it to just sit there full of cool water.....

Hope you are all staying safe and cool!