Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Is this a good thing? or the downfall of pinterest?

There has bee a lot of grumblings against Pinterest, concerns over copyright and attribution, etc. And I understand where people are coming from, whether or not I agree with them.

Well, apparently Pinterest has heard and is now making some changes.

But I have to wonder about the changes.



"The peace offering includes having the business’ price banner appears and remain on the photo, even if the repinner has deleted the price from the description." (source)

I pin a lot of stuff from Etsy. I often purposefully remove the price so that the corner banner with the price is not on the photo.  To me it looks spammy. It's cluttered and commercial. I don't want clutter or commercial on my boards - just pretty things.

This may benefit businesses (although that remains to be seen) but it seems like it's tying the hands of the user. BAH!

And at first blush, I don't like it.

Not only that, but the article states that the new practice is going to be applied RETRO-actively. Meaning pins done in the past will all of a sudden now carry the attributions according to the new policy. hmmmmmmm.

UPDATE: (emphasis mine)
Pinterest has made a move to help the virtual pinboard site become more than a destination for browsing beautiful photos.
The company has added permanent links on pins that originate from the craft site Etsy, the crowd-funding site Kickstarter and several others. The idea is a good one for pinners who won't have to scour the Internet to find more information, and it's also good for the sites that have "pinnable" content. (source)

I guess my concern is that it's going to turn into a shopping mall. And who needs another one of those?

What do you all think? 

Is this a good thing or is it going to ruin Pinterest?