Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Erratic or Creative Genius?

A while back I posted a quick bench shot of a couple of rings I made. The rings were loosely based on a kinetic SPLAT ring I made quite some time ago, with the new rings being the start of a new series of "Secret Garden" rings.

 This is sterling with 4 flush set amethyst around the outer edge. A tree and some boulders and a little textured path......

I love how you can see the amethyst peeking through on the inside. I have another ring in progress with a path made of textured sterling and one with stepping stones. And one of those has a doorway into the garden!  I am really enjoying exploring these little microcosms. 

The other ring that I completed is a little secret garden complete with a couple of mushrooms and rocks and is all sterling constructed. The inner side wall is textured as is the 'garden' floor.

I then created a ring of a totally different aesthetic (to say the least). All sterling with a lovely blue topaz. GORGEOUS stone and sleek design to match. :) 

And as a tribute to summer, I most recently created a couple of waves rings. These will be offered as a made to order design in my Etsy Shop.

 One with peridot and one with amethyst.

Yes, I am a little schizophrenic when it comes to my work. I'm a bit all over the place. 

(a BIT??!!!?? you may ask.....)

Sometimes it feels a little erratic, sort of chaotic, but maybe instead its creative genius.....maybe I need to just OWN it. LOL

What do you think? 

Bonus question for today:

Do you tend to work in one style or do you bounce
around a 'bit'?