Tuesday, August 14, 2012

More Home DIY

I mentioned a while back that I have finally begun tackling some small projects around the house. I had painted (part) of the carport floor. And I think I've mentioned that since moving in here I've discovered the joys of spraypaint. It is so quick and easy. (and that is quite a tease because I realize that I have NO photos of anything spraypainted, but I'll get right on that)

What I wanted to show today is a little project I took on this weekend in the kitchen. I mentioned before that the overhead light I purchased when I moved in just hasn't done it. It only has one bulb and it's not centered in the ceiling and its not close to the workspaces. Fail. Fail. Fail.

Old light that was anything BUT light. BAH!

So I had HAD it. I ran out to the store and bought a light for under 50 bucks that has 5 bulbs. FIVE! muwhahahahahahaha. This is almost as exciting as the dump on my birthday.

Being the bullheaded highly independent person I am, I did it completely by myself. I turned off the electricity, took down the old light and got to work. I assembled the new light and then made the decision to cut a couple feet off the wires, cut the chain REALLY short and eventually got it installed. I had to wire it three times because I forgot a piece here and there and the pieces I forgot had to be threaded through the wires so I had to detach the wires, and start over on that whole process.

Finally it was UP, and I ran back downstairs, flipped the breaker, an voila' -  we LOVE the result!

Then I turned my attention to FRAMES. When I bought the light I picked up a BUNCH of frames. The light was from Lowes (right about 50 bucks - a STEAL) and the frames came from Michael's.  I framed a couple of pieces of artwork that my son has done over the past couple of years.....a few photos.....and a key. A working key, it's the key to my attic. The attic door is automated and the key starts the motor. :)

And then I laid it all out on the floor and arranged, and rearranged, and arranged some more. Here is what the space looked like before:

I have left the pictures just sitting until I could figure out exactly what I wanted to do with the wall. The photo on the left is my son and is one of my all time favorite photos of him (I don't really know why). The picture on the right was in my Grandparents house and it is one of two things I choose when both my Grandparents passed away. It reminds me of them. :) 

Then I added the other items as seen below. :)

I switched out the light for one that was in my bedroom (not sure I like that change, we shall see). The key is not behind glass, I can just pick it up by the ribbon and open my attic and then put it back. And I just really like the varied arrangement. I will be adding to the wall over time. 

This house is going to be a never ending project. Is your house like that? Are you working on any home improvement projects currently?